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About Mirage Totem

Mirage Totem Shopping CenterMirage Totem/Transparent Screen is a 360° circular transparent LED Display. It is a truly impressive advertisement solution designed for companies that wish to establish themselves as strong style authorities in their industry.

The upper display is a double layered hollow acrylic cylinder which has a rotating arm with LED lights fixed to it. The arm rotates so quickly between the two walls of acrylic that it gives the impression of a solid screen. The hollow space inside the display is designed to display the actual product which can accommodate anything from jewellery to a laptop computer.

The cabinet is built in with an HDMI Video Input Interface, a Bluetooth service interface and the option of BOSE integrated, built-in speakers. The outer panel of the cabinet is covered with a backlit panel which is design to be used as a poster display. The entire display is mounted on caster wheels making it easy to move.

The Mirage Totem comes with a cloud based Content Management System to convert and manage media of multiple displays. It is extremely well designed with the best quality technology available making it durable and efficient.

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Key Features

  • Bright, Transparent Display
  • 360° Visibility
  • Rotating LED Technology
  • Content Management Available
  • Easy To Operate and Maintain

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