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About Window Speakers

Window Speaker PackVibration Window Speakers offer a simplified solution where there is not an easy place to install speakers. The speakers use vibrations to transmit sound to the glass and the entire window becomes a speaker creating quality sound and an amazing effect. It may be combined with a Holographic or Transparent Display.

The main advantage of Window Speakers is that they can be placed in an inconspicuous place and can be heard anywhere on the window, inside or out. They are incredibly easy to install, using a high quality suction cup which secures them into place. This is perfect for store fronts and outdoor dining where speakers would be ideal but difficult to install.

Our speakers are ideal for interior and acoustic designers and those who appreciate sleek design and quality sound. They could be used inside or outside your home or business. By installing the Window Speaker you can avoid the bulky, space-consuming speaker boxes that create clutter on your walls, floors or ceilings, while also keeping extensive and expensive installations at bay.

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Key Features

  • Non-Directional Sound
  • Small and Light Unit
  • Good Quality Sound
  • Easy to Install

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