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Easy to Install eye Catching Holographic Led Fan Display

3D Holographic Air Fan Display is one of the most cost-effective display solution to do a splashing holographic illusion, floating free in the middle of the air. It is extremely simple to install and use. The brightness and strong colours make it very visible even in high lighted environments.

The amazing illusion is created by a LED light bar that spins at high speed, turning the hardware structure practically invisible and a floating video effect. Changing the video content is  extremely easy, just plug the micro SD card in the slot, and ready to go.

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Key Features

  • High resolution Led display

  • Looks like floating in the air

  • Power Efficient
  • Plug  and Play display

  • 1 yr manufacturer guarantee


No, you should be careful as it can cause damage in the person or object and also can break the display. We recommend to place it in a high place.

The hologram device only reads bin file, other format can not be read directly.
Also please noted that bin file can not be opened and need to be created with a specific but free software that runs in Windows and Mac.

To create the video first follow this basic instructions:
1) Pure black background
2) MP4, AVI, Rmvb, Gif format video
3) 445×445 pixels
4) 10-15 seconds video time suggested
5) JPG, PNG picture Ok too (Black background better)

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