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3D Hologram Projection Systems – Holographic Stage‎

Holo stage systemThis is the biggest way to show your products or introduce them to the public. If you count with enough space why not use it with a 3D Hologram Projection Systems using our Holographic Stage ?

It is perfect to be used in presentations, concerts, conferences, etc. Our team can help you to create any type of presentation based on your ideas and what you would like to give to your audience. Easy to set up, we provide you all you need to Wow everyone and give them and unforgettable experience. With no need of 3D glasses you ensure that everyone among the audience will enjoy your event.

About Virtual On

Virtual On is a leading audio-visual technology expert that revives any event, product launch, exhibit, display, and more with the best in display and sound technology to give you an edge over your competitors and provide the consumers with a memorable experience. Our wide range of products includes Holographic Display, Window Speakers, Levitation Display & Mirage Totem.

Key features

  • We can create almost any illusion.
  • Available in a range of sizes.
  • Quick to set up and easy to transport.
  • After-sales support.

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