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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 2016-10-20T20:53:02+00:00
Does the led fan air display come with protection? 2017-08-25T15:24:50+00:00

No, you should be careful as it can cause damage in the person or object and also can break the display. We recommend to place it in a high place.

What type of video file does the led fan air display play? 2017-08-25T15:26:10+00:00

The hologram device only reads bin file, other format can not be read directly.
Also please noted that bin file can not be opened and need to be created with a specific but free software that runs in Windows and Mac.

To create the video first follow this basic instructions:
1) Pure black background
2) MP4, AVI, Rmvb, Gif format video
3) 445×445 pixels
4) 10-15 seconds video time suggested
5) JPG, PNG picture Ok too (Black background better)

What is VR Virtual Reality 2017-05-23T12:53:53+00:00

What VR Virtual Reality is, is a 3D environment created digitally that can be explored and interacted by a person using specific headsets known as VR glasses. This person becomes part of the environment and is able to interact with objects or even perform certain actions.

For more information go to VR Virtual Reality

What is AR Augmented Reality 2017-05-23T12:07:13+00:00

Augmented reality AR is the integration digital information to create a view of a real-world environment to overlay a new one on top of it. Augmented reality does not replace the reality, it adds image or video content to the real world which is one of the main differences with virtual reality. 

What is a hologram? 2017-05-23T12:50:17+00:00

Technically, what a hologram is, is a technique that records the light from an object which is then presented in a 3D way. However, we are focused on the ”holographic effect”, which is the optical illusion of having either a still image or video content floating in the air.

Holograms are also known as the ”Pepper’s Ghost illusion”, used since the 18th century to create transparent ghostly images in places such as theatres.


Does mapping on products require a special software? 2017-05-29T15:16:18+00:00

No, it doesn’t  require a complex software. We supply a standard file with the animations, it can be played in any media player device.

Does the cost include the cutting of the acrylic screen to shape? 2017-05-29T15:11:50+00:00

Yes,  it’s included on the standard prices.

What are the benefits of using a Virtual Mannequin/Assistence 2017-05-29T15:07:53+00:00

Find 10 reasons to use a Virtual Mannequin/Assistance in our detailed blog post.

How to Make a Virtual Mannequin Video Content 2016-08-24T09:40:12+00:00

Making a video content for a Virtual Mannequin is easy if you follow some simple guidelines, please check this page: Specifications on how to Make a Virtual Mannequin Film

Does the levitation packaging come isolated? 2017-05-29T14:48:50+00:00

Yes, for safety reasons it comes with a special isolation.

Can levitation or floating displays affect electronic products? 2017-05-29T14:37:37+00:00

Yes, it has strong magnets, they can affect electronics or credit cards, so we recommend to keep them at a distance of at least 3cm.

Does the levitation display work with electricity? 2017-05-29T14:32:01+00:00

Yes, it works with electricity and the consumption is very low.

How can I change the content? 2017-05-25T16:11:52+00:00

Changing content is very easy. Simply place the SD card with the new video content and the unit will start playing it.

Can I make the video content? 2017-05-25T14:14:54+00:00

Yes. It can either be done by us or do it on your own, it depends on how specialized you are on doing video content. Each display requires a different type of video so knowing how to do it is key to enhance the experience.

Can I use an external computer or media player to play the content? 2017-05-25T14:06:43+00:00

Yes, you can connect any external device using the appropriate connection.

Does the Holographic Display come with touch screen? 2017-05-25T14:00:39+00:00

No. The image is not shown on a screen, is shown inside the device. Touching it leaves marks on the optics.

Are Transparent Display and Magic Mirror touch screen? 2017-05-25T13:54:50+00:00

Yes. Both the Transparent Display and Magic Mirror can be built with/ without touch screen.

Can I change video files over the Internet? 2017-05-25T13:34:40+00:00

Yes. It can be connected to an Internet cable or Wifi, depending on the model. This allows immediate access to change and update content from any place in the world. Managing the display remotely requires an IT specialist and a permanent monitoring, so we manage it remotely scheduling different contents on different times or days.

Does the display have built in speakers? 2017-05-25T13:28:08+00:00

Yes. Stereo speakers are built within the display and the volume can easily be adjusted.

Should the video format be on 3D, .dwg or .ipt? 2017-05-25T13:22:49+00:00

No. It requires a 2D file such as AVI, MP4, WMV or similar. This is also described in specific catalog.

Can I play more than one video on an SD card? 2017-05-25T13:14:49+00:00

Yes. The media player on the display will play all the supported files on the SD card in order. Once all videos have been played it will start again.

What video formats can the devices supported? 2017-05-25T13:06:36+00:00

Most of our displays such as Holographic Display, Magic Mirror, Transparent Display and Virtual Mannequin support the following formats: MP4, WMV, AVI, MPEG1/2/4.