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Holographic & Shapely and Logo Projections

Holographic & Shapely Projections  create outstanding visual displays using futuristic rear projection screen material that can be placed over glass to display stunning visual effects that captivate your audience. Our Clarity Holographic Films can be used for a wide variety of holographic displays, stage events and exhibition shows.

Rigid & Foil Screen any shape any size

Foil – Now you can transform any window or glass partition into a digital display screen simply placed over glass our Rear Projection Film.
Ideal for dynamic advertising and promotional messaging, corporate and sales presentations, your extra-bright, ultra-legible digital display will attract and maintain everyone’s attention. Displays can be projected in practically any shape or size.

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Key features

  • Easy to install
  • No dedicated projection room required
  • Space-effective design
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Enhanced mobility of screen and projector
projection-front-windows     Shapely Projections
Holographic screen        Mechanic-Ghost
projection-foild      projection-with-diferent-forms
exhibitions-prjection  projection-in-exhibitions
marketing-projection   marketing-projections

Holographic screenRigid – And when a window or glass panel is not available, lightweight rigid Rigid Holographic Projections Screens provide the perfect solution for free-standing or suspended installations. It is the brightest screen in the range and is specifically designed for demanding environments such as retail window displays. It is ideal for any application where exceptional clarity and contrast are required.

Aesthetically, it is the darkest of our screens, delivers a superb contrast ratio combined with high definition and excellent resolution. Our rigid screen of 3mm thickness can be self-supporting, dependent upon screen size and aspect ratio, mounted in a frame or suspended from overhead.

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