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Virtual Fashion Mirror is the Future of Fitting Rooms

The Virtual Fashion Mirror is capable of detect the shape of the person and then overlap virtual clothing. The 3D cloth can be automatically and in real time adjust to the size of the person. It has also the capability to collect customers’s feedback so it is a cool option to hire it and to be used for events or as a permanent installation in a retail shop as part of the fitting or dressing room.


Instant Body Recognition
The display calculates body size in few seconds by using 3D imaging technology

Intuitive User Experience
By using simple gestures or a tablet, customers can browse the complete catalogue

Responsive 3D Virtual Fitting
Customers not only can see how they look wearing the cloth of their choice but also synchronise it with their movements

Convenient Mix and Match
Customers can try more than one garment at the same time, doing their preferred combinations!

Easy to Share
Not only try what you like, share it in social media in seconds!

Take the Experience with You
Take the experience with you or keep it for further visits to the shop using the mobile fitting and shopping app