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Virtual On’s Levitation Display

Our Levitating Magnet/Floating Display uses cutting edge electromagnetic technology to take your product to new heights. The product will rotate gently in the air giving a 360° view of the object on display.

Levitation Base 4 Kg from EU

Levitation Base

The Optical base offers a very stable floating magnet with no set up required. The levitating magnets come in three different sizes and can take from 1kg, 4kg and 10kg of weight. The base itself is quite slim and can be easily hidden to add to the illusion of the floating display, making it look as if it was table levitation. The magnetic levitation display stand still needs to have a hole in order for the optical sensor to synchronise the base with the carry disc.

Any product can be used, levitating shoes, jewellery or any other product are very common. Magnetic floating displays come in three different sizes to accommodate for different products, including 1kg, 4kg and 10kg as mentioned above, as we can see levitating magnetic is the new way of showing products to attract the public.

These floating magnets are for sale and for hire for your convenience, let us know your project details and we will advice you to use the best cost effective solution.

Yes, for safety reasons it comes with a special isolation.

Yes, it has strong magnets, they can affect electronics or credit cards, so we recommend to keep them at a distance of at least 3cm.

Yes, it works with electricity and the consumption is very low.

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Key Features

  • Levitation Height: from 17mm – 87mm
  • Excellent Stability
  • Power Efficient
  • Maximum Carry: 1kg – 10kg.
  • 1 yr Manufacturer Guarantee

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