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Meet our Team 2017-10-12T23:13:50+00:00
Gerardo Silvetti
Gerardo SilvettiDirector

Join Us Our Creative Expression …

If you are looking on making a splash at your next exhibition or trade show or you wish to optimise the shopping experience for your customers please contact us and we will find the best solution to meet your needs.

Gerardo Silvetti – CEO / Founder

Holographic display stand skin

Paola Pasolini
Paola PasoliniInternal Sales
Romina Silvetti
Romina SilvettiBusiness Development
Max Lombardi
Max LombardiNetwork Consultant
Diego Melo
Diego MeloPost/editor


virtual on meet our teamWe are always on the look for young talented and creative people with a passion for new technology such as touch surfaces, interactivity or projections. If you’re looking for a new challenge and like what we do, then get in touch!

We often carry out freelancers to help us on our projects, or to expand our customer base, so do get in touch with your portfolio. Virtual On is one of the best places to show your digital creative expression.

Virtual On is one of the best places to show your digital creative expression.

Holographic Display at (EBRD) in central London 2017-09-29T13:07:53+00:00
Holographic Video Content for Honda Civic Challenge 2017-06-01T13:45:59+00:00
Hologram of a Brain in Amsterdam 2017-10-03T08:22:58+00:00
Virtual Robot at EY Event, New York 2017-06-01T13:48:55+00:00
Hologram Technology “Holographic Presenter” 2017-06-01T13:19:09+00:00
XL Holographic Display to Barcelona 2017-10-03T08:23:34+00:00
Holograms at Crufts Dog Show 2017, Birmingham 2017-06-01T13:20:32+00:00
Star Wars Hologram Event, Real Time Projection 2017-06-01T09:56:45+00:00
Two Virtual Mannequins at Babcock, Edinburgh 2017-06-01T13:50:57+00:00
“Back to the Future” PEPSI event Floating Hoverboard 2017-09-05T12:34:45+00:00
Augmented Reality for Museums 2017-06-01T12:38:59+00:00
Virtual Mannequin Presenter, New York 2017-06-01T13:28:16+00:00
Shapely Logo Projection on Front Window 2017-09-05T12:39:18+00:00
Levitation Display at Remington’s Event, London 2017-06-01T12:41:40+00:00
Virtual Mannequin Video Content 2017-04-24T16:02:12+00:00
Holographic Perfume Launch – Lauren Simon 2017-06-01T12:46:31+00:00
Video Content Showreel, Animations for Every Need 2017-04-25T08:21:09+00:00
Hologram above a physical model at BAU Munich 2017-04-25T08:41:07+00:00
Transparent Display at WOUNDS, Leeds 2017-06-01T12:20:22+00:00
Volumetric Projection in a Holographic Display – GSK 2017-06-01T13:18:55+00:00
Holographic Display and Video Contentent – Caisey 2017-06-01T13:22:52+00:00
Transparent & Levitation Display-Salon International 2017-06-01T13:29:00+00:00
Transparent Display,Artisan du Chocolat, Selfridges 2017-06-01T13:32:09+00:00
Holographic Display,KEW Royal Botanic Gardens 2017-06-01T13:35:17+00:00

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