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Tailor made Mixed Reality solutions for  Automotive and Car Dealers exhibitions and showrooms.

Cool displays for every type of exhibition, show, event or showroom. We are experts in eye catching installations with the latest technology, creating an amazing Mixed Reality effect. Contact us now and lets us know the details of your next project, we can help by providing with a new and memorable experience for visitors.
 Car Dealers or Automotive Industry we have a digital solution for every need.
Check some portfolio samples bellow.
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Some of the Displays in Our Office

See Just a Sample of our Arrange of Products Some videos just to show the amazing variety of products and displays we have here. I am sure you can find something that will suit your needs. Some of our displays can be custom made to [...]

Video Production Services Showreel

Video Production is a Key Component of our Visual Experience Check out some samples of our vast of visual content custom made for specific eye catching displays such as: Holographic Displays Holographic Screen Holographic Stage LCD Transparent screen Virtual Reality Head Set 360 for Head Set Augmented Reality for Tablet, Phone [...]

Interactive Self-Service Virtual Presenter, UK

Virtual Mannequin presenter for Truma We created this Virtual Mannequin for Truma to advertise their products. The Virtual Presenter was used at the NEC in Birmingham for the Caravan show. Virtual Presenters can be placed and used as many times as desired so this one will be used in any other Truma shows [...]

LEGO POS Holograms at FNAC Montparnasse, Paris

LEGO holographic Christmas campaign at FNAC in Paris Two holographic displays were installed in two different FNAC department stores in the centre of Paris for a LEGO Christmas campaign. Virtual On provided with the customised stand as well as display and all video content. In this case, the display come with a [...]

Lego, Bugatti Chiron in Motor Show, Paris

Lego Bugatti at the Paris motorshow The famous Bugatti created by LEGO was at the Motor show in Paris. Virtual On created a hologram of this sample which was shown at the show. For this event, we provided a holographic display with the stand as well as the video content. A hologram [...]

Holographic Presenter, London

Hologram Technology "Holographic Presenter" Using hologram technology, we created a Holographic Presenter which is an easy and innovative way to deliver a message. The projection is done on a transparent surface that creates a hologram illusion. Creating a good Video Content is important to really use the capabilities of the screen. We are [...]

Two Virtual Mannequins at Babcock, Edinburgh

Virtual Mannequins at Prince of Wales aircraft carrier Virtual On has manufactured two Virtual Mannequins to be placed in the Prince of Wales aircraft carrier. The Mannequins were developed under the requirements of Babcock International as a health and safety tool to remind to two thousand workers of the health and safety procedures. [...]

Holographic Displays to Michigan, US

Virtual On Have Supplied Holographic Displays to be set in a Track as a Mobile Exhibition In line with our expansive spirit, we have sold holographic displays to be used in Michigan. The company has created its own video content, and the displays will be used on a mobile show room throughout [...]

Holographic Screen in Sofitel Heathrow, London

We supplied a free standing Holographic Screen for a event Within the frame of a business conference, done by a world wide well know corporate, we supplied a holographic screen as an eye catching tool while the guests had a break. The screen was also used in the stage with a good [...]

Video Content, Honda Civic Challenge, London

Holographic Video Content for Honda Civic Challenge Virtual On has supplied a Holographic Display and video content to be used in a social media campaign called Civic Live Challenge . The marketing campaign was designed by DigitasLBi. The project involves hiring a Holographic Projector Pyramid and the creation of five clips with transitioning effects where [...]

Virtual Robot at EY Event, New York

Virtual Robot at EY Event, New York Virtual On  built a Virtual Mannequin or Avatar as a replica of Morris, a robot developed in the UK and used to help to catch attention at exhibitions and shows. The project had some challenges as we needed to create and animate the forearms, hands, mouse [...]

Holographic Display at (EBRD), Central London

A Holographic Display was installed in headquarters of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in central London We had the pleasure to install a Holographic Display in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) headquarters in central London. As many other customers they can enjoy the eye catching effect that this [...]