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Exhibition Areas in Stadiums or LED Screen for Events in Sport Facilities.

As a way of innovating with our displays we offer LED screens for sport facilities that can be adapted for a variety of needs, pericardial screens, fitted mobile transport or with irregular shapes. We are also experts in museums or other type of exhibition areas that are sport related. We are experts on providing a unique an excellent service in whatever your area might be. Our team will help you provide a memorable and unique experience for your customers.
Have a look at some of our work, lot of portfolio samples that might fit into your project requirements.
Virtual On is a leader provider in UE and US of Mixed Reality, VR and AR and holographic Projectors.

Some of the Displays in Our Office

See Just a Sample of our Arrange of Products Some videos just to show the amazing variety of products and displays we have here. I am sure you can find something that will suit your needs. Some of our displays can be custom made to [...]

Video Production Services Showreel

Video Production is a Key Component of our Visual Experience Check out some samples of our vast of visual content custom made for specific eye catching displays such as: Holographic Displays Holographic Screen Holographic Stage LCD Transparent screen Virtual Reality Head Set 360 for Head Set Augmented Reality for Tablet, Phone [...]

Two Virtual Mannequins at Babcock, Edinburgh

Virtual Mannequins at Prince of Wales aircraft carrier Virtual On has manufactured two Virtual Mannequins to be placed in the Prince of Wales aircraft carrier. The Mannequins were developed under the requirements of Babcock International as a health and safety tool to remind to two thousand workers of the health and safety procedures. [...]

Virtual Robot at EY Event, New York

Virtual Robot at EY Event, New York Virtual On  built a Virtual Mannequin or Avatar as a replica of Morris, a robot developed in the UK and used to help to catch attention at exhibitions and shows. The project had some challenges as we needed to create and animate the forearms, hands, mouse [...]

Real Time Projection, Star Wars Event, Montevideo

Star Wars Hologram Event using Holographic Screen Projection in Real Time In the launching of the new Star Wars movie, we installed a Holographic Screen on the cinema reception. The video was projected on the screen with a black background and captured with a camera close to the screen. The hologram event [...]

Holograms at Crufts Dog Show 2017, Birmingham

Holographic Display with interactive touch screen at Crufts Dog Show 2017 in Birmingham A Holographic Display with interactive touch screen was used at Crufts Dog Show in NEC Birmingham to present the new FURflex system collection for dogs. Virtual On supplied the video content for the display as well. FURflex [...]

Back to the Future, PEPSI Event, Montevideo

"Back to the Future" anniversary, PEPSI event with a Floating Hoveboard Pepsi carried out an event called ''The future is now'' due to the anniversary of the movie ''Back to the Future''. Each stand had its own displays and videos that related to a part of the film. Virtual On had the opportunity of [...]

Augmented Reality for Museums, Madrid

Augmented Reality for Museums Augmented Reality is a powerful tool that helps to bring additional information to any object. The complemented content is showed in a computer device like a tablet or mobile phone. The additional or digital content can be presented in a text, video or animated format. It also allows [...]

Virtual Mannequin Presenter, New York

Virtual Mannequins are one of our best displays to help customers in exhibitions to stop and amaze the visitors as they walk around. Verified Clinical Trials is a business based in New York which works in the health sector and are going to use the VM in exhibitions all around the US. The project involved [...]

Holographic Perfume, Lauren Simon, Manchester

Lauren Simon - Perfume Launch Virtual On presented at the Laura Simon new perfume launching; a holographic Display was used to create a luxury atmosphere at the event. Product and Service Supplied Holographic Display Holographic Video Content

GSK Holo-Volumetric Projection, NY & London

Rear Volumetric Projection inside a Holographic Display for GSK Rear Volumetric Projection inside a Holographic Display for GSK is a conceptualisation of White Space Creative Solutions which combines a hologram with a rear projection. The system works placing a book inside a holographic display. This book will reflect the video projected [...]