Holographic Display at (EBRD) in central London


A Holographic Display was installed in headquarters of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in central London We had the pleasure to install a Holographic Display in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) headquarters in central London. As many other customers they can enjoy the eye catching effect that this [...]

Holographic Video Content for Honda Civic Challenge


Holographic Video Content for Honda Civic Challenge Virtual On has supplied a Holographic Display and video content to be used in a social media campaign called Civic Live Challenge . The marketing campaign was designed by DigitasLBi. The project involves hiring a Holographic Projector Pyramid and the creation of five clips with transitioning effects where [...]

Hologram of a Brain in Amsterdam


XL Holographic Display used in Amsterdam A Holographic Display was provided to MCCGLC to display a holographic content in an exhibition in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In this case the customer provided a video content  that was setup for the display specifications. Virtual On is the first company in UK to supply non-conventional displays for [...]

XL Holographic Display to Barcelona


Pharmaceutical & Healthcare can tell a story A XL Holographic Display was hire to be display in an exhibition in Barcelona, Spain. It was used for a pharmaceutical to better illustrate scientific information. The customer provided the video content and it was a work in conjunction with DB Systems. Products [...]

Holograms at Crufts Dog Show 2017, Birmingham


Holographic Display with interactive touch screen at Crufts Dog Show 2017 in Birmingham A Holographic Display with interactive touch screen was used at Crufts Dog Show in NEC Birmingham to present the new FURflex system collection for dogs. Virtual On supplied the video content for the display as well. FURflex [...]

“Back to the Future” PEPSI event Floating Hoverboard


"Back to the Future" anniversary, PEPSI event with a Floating Hoveboard Pepsi carried out an event called ''The future is now'' due to the anniversary of the movie ''Back to the Future''. Each stand had its own displays and videos that related to a part of the film. Virtual On had the opportunity of [...]

Holographic Perfume Launch – Lauren Simon


Lauren Simon - Perfume Launch Virtual On presented at the Laura Simon new perfume launching; a holographic Display was used to create a luxury atmosphere at the event. Product and Service Supplied Holographic Display Holographic Video Content

Hologram above a physical model at BAU Munich


Holographic  effect above a roof at BAU Munich Virtual On has provided a holographic Display to be used at BAU 2017 in Munich by ISOMAT, a leading paint manufacture company in Greece. Using a model simulating a roof placed inside of the Holographic Display, we were able to create a video [...]

Volumetric Projection in a Holographic Display – GSK


Rear Volumetric Projection inside a Holographic Display for GSK Rear Volumetric Projection inside a Holographic Display for GSK is a conceptualisation of White Space Creative Solutions which combines a hologram with a rear projection. The system works placing a book inside a holographic display. This book will reflect the video projected [...]

Holographic Display and Video Contentent – Caisey


Holographic display and video content for Caisey We supplied the holographic display and the video content to be used in exhibitions promoting animal tags solutions. Products and Services Supplied Holographic Display Stand Printed magnetic skin Graphic Design Video Content [...]