Back to the Future, PEPSI Event, Montevideo

"Back to the Future" anniversary, PEPSI event with a Floating Hoveboard Pepsi carried out an event called ''The future is now'' due to the anniversary of the movie ''Back to the Future''. Each stand had its own displays and videos that related to a part of the film. Virtual On had the opportunity of [...]

Levitation Display at Remington’s Event, London

Levitation Display at Remington's Event, London Our 4Kg. Levitation Base was recently used on a Reminton's event on the launch of their new straighteners. The event was organised by Hatch Communications  and it had great success. The set up is really easy and the result is very eye catching as it is something [...]

Transparent & Levitation, Salon International, London

Transparent Display and Levitation Display at Salon International London Virtual On was at the Salon International 2013 in ExCel, London working in cooperation with Hairtools. The stand had two displays for the event, the Transparent Display 22" and a levitation Display. Products and Services Supplied Transparent Display [...]

Levitation Cake for Weddings or Events, Utrech

Exciting Catching Effect Using Levitation Cake for Weddings The Levitation Display is an amazing tool to make an ordinary wedding in an extraordinary one. We sale and rent Levitation Displays to let your imagination fly. This kind of display can be used not only for a wedding but for a any type [...]

Levitation Displays in Weeding Tables

This is an example of how the levitation display can be used in many different occasions. As we can see, it is something as simple as having the display in the table so the flowers look like they're floating in the air. Creating a unique effect that will make guests never [...]

Levitation Display for exhibitions

Our Levitation Display uses cutting edge electromagnetic technology to take your product to new heights. The product will rotate gently in the air giving a 360° view of the object on display. We offer two models and 5 sizes: Optical Levitation Base – The Optical base offers very stable floating device with no [...]