Volumetric Projection in a Holographic Display – GSK


Rear Volumetric Projection inside a Holographic Display for GSK Rear Volumetric Projection inside a Holographic Display for GSK is a conceptualisation of White Space Creative Solutions which combines a hologram with a rear projection. The system works placing a book inside a holographic display. This book will reflect the video projected [...]

Video Projection for Museums


Video projection museums are a new way to enjoy visits to museums. Bring something new and different to your business. The optical illusion of creating a hologram was never as easy as it is with our transparent holographic screens. We have different sizes according to your needs, the 3D holographic projection screen [...]

Video Mapping Projection for Events and Shops


Video Mapping Projection for events and Shops  is used to turn objects of sizes and shapes into display screens for video projection, and advertisers have used the technology to display advertising on everything from shoes to skyscrapers. Video mapping requires specialized software that interacts with a projector to fit an image onto the [...]