Hologram Technology “Holographic Presenter”


Hologram Technology "Holographic Presenter" Using hologram technology, we created a Holographic Presenter which is an easy and innovative way to deliver a message. The projection is done on a transparent surface that creates a hologram illusion. Creating a good Video Content is important to really use the capabilities of the screen. We are [...]

Star Wars Hologram Event, Real Time Projection


Star Wars Hologram Event using Holographic Screen Projection in Real Time In the launching of the new Star Wars movie, we installed a Holographic Screen on the cinema reception. The video was projected on the screen with a black background and captured with a camera close to the screen. The hologram event [...]

“Back to the Future” PEPSI event Floating Hoverboard


"Back to the Future" anniversary, PEPSI event with a Floating Hoveboard Pepsi carried out an event called ''The future is now'' due to the anniversary of the movie ''Back to the Future''. Each stand had its own displays and videos that related to a part of the film. Virtual On had the opportunity of [...]

Shapely Logo Projection on Front Window


Logo and Shapely Projections Using Rear Projection Film we created a cool effect on the front window at ANTEL, a telecommunication company in Uruguay. Shapely or Logo Projection in the front windows can be used to catch the attention of the people passing by not only walking but by car or [...]

Digital Blackboard for Restaurants


Our New Digital Blackboard has become necessary for retail shops due to its effectiveness on delivering messages and advertising the shop by keeping customers informed. Now the new Smart canvas is the evolution of Advertising Boards. Our new and innovating Drawing App enables users to catch attention even easier. You can draw [...]