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Mapping productsThe projection technology is used to turn objects of sizes and shapes into display screens for video projection, and  advertisers have used the technology to display advertising on everything from shoes to skyscrapers. Video mapping requires specialised software that interacts with a projector to fit an image onto the surface of that object, so the artists can add extra dimensions and optical illusions to make it appear like the object itself is moving.

Key Features

  • Full HD 1920×1080
  • Convenient Set-up and Operation
  • No glasses needed
  • Add an extra dimension to your products or events
  • Products becomes live

Video Mapping on Any Surface

Video mapping projection on table     

Video projection on cake   Cake with video projection   Video mapping projection on cake
mapping on producs          Mapping on cars
mapping on mannequins          Video Mapping on mannequins
mapping museums      Mapping projection for museums
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Video Mapping Projection on a Cake

Doing projection mapping on a cake you can tell a story, a ordinary cake turns into a Hollywood movie, contact us to see how we can do it,  see video…

mapping on mannequinsVideo mapping products for business.

Projection mapping or video mapping is a powerful tool to turn objects of sizes and shapes into display screens. It can be used in different scales from a building to a small perfume, become live fissioning a physical surface with a video content. Check the sample to have a better idea on how video mapping projection can help to launch new products… see more

mapping museumsMapping projection for museums.

Check our sample using video mapping projection in a museum taking advantage of the fact that the light can be controlled… see more

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