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Window Speaker Kit (Amplifier and Two Speaker)


The main advantage of Window Speakers is that they can be placed in an inconspicuous place and can be heard anywhere on the window, inside or out. They are incredibly easy to install, using a high quality suction cup which secures them into place. This is perfect for store fronts and outdoor dining where speakers would be ideal but difficult to install.

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Pack includes:

  • 1 Amplifier
  • 2 Speakers
  • Adhesive pads for installation to glass or Plexiglas
  • Acrylic mounting disc for installation to wood.
  • MDF and plasterboard to walls
  • Speaker cables
  • Connectors

Nominal Impedance:8 ohms
Recommended Amp Power:10 – 100 watts
Max Program Power 20 Watts RMS
Max Amplifier Power (included mini amplifier):2 x 50 watts
Diameter: 1.33″ / 33.8 mm
Weight: 1.5 lbs./ 33 grs.

Installation User Guide for Glass


Installation User Guide for Wood/Laminate/Composite