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About Touch Kiosk/Table/Window

Computing On Your Table Or Windows To Enhance The Customer Experience

Our touch kiosks in the form of touch tables and touch windows could be used for several purposes, namely reaching out the target audience, conducting training sessions, displaying a product or service features, and more. The touch tables or windows could be used to provide information, education, communications, entertainment, publishing, market research, presentations, and more as well.

The multi-touch kiosk could convert your ordinary bar, counter, window or wall on the shopping store into an interactive multimedia experience that will be remembered by your customers for a long, long time. The kiosks would easily understand the hand and finger gestures of the customers and provide them with interactive, multimedia rich content, access to corporate information, enable them to play games, let them manipulate art & photography, also view your advertisements. All this in a unique and a compelling manner!

The multi-technology is used at its best potential with the touch kiosk, as it enables customers to control several data using gestures with their hand and fingers, like rotate, move, select, zoom, play, and throw.

The touch table technology is turning out to be quite a revolutionary way in which people interact with digital content. It not only helps in connecting with consumers, but also works as a unique tool that gathers useful customer insights and generates real return on the investment.

About Virtual On

Virtual On is a leading provider of audio-visual technology to help brands promote themselves and their products effectively at various events, exhibits, trade shows, and more. In addition to the Mirage Totem, we also cater the needs for those who are looking for Magic Mirror, Virtual Mannequin, Levitation Device, Holographic Display, and more.
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Key features

  • Super Bright.
  • LED Technology Full HD.
  • Easy To Operate and Maintain.
  • From 32 to 65 inchs

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