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Digital Synergy Glass Door with TLCD

Transparent Digital for Doors Coolers

Glass Door with Transparent LCD for store - Virtual OnTransparent LCD screens installed as a cooler door is an innovating way of presenting products as they can be seen through with a high resolution colourful  video. The advantage of using this product is that as well as seeing the video, customers are able to look inside and see the products being displayed. These new coolers enables customers to have the option to interact with different brands as well as having the option to be updated in real time for special deals and offers.

The minimalist look of the cooler and its distinguished approach to quality and detail make it appealing for customers. The integrated pocket handle and panel grill are key aspects of the simplistic look.
Coolers are available in various sizes, it is also important to keep in mind that colours, graphics and the digital content of the coolers can be changed and customised.

Transparent LCD Door to Adapt in Your Cooler.


Virtual On cooler glass door series

About Virtual On

Virtual On is a one of the leading visual technology providers in the UK. Our main aim is to help businesses and brands stand out in the marketplace, whether it be with a product launch, a virtual demonstration, a permanent display at a museum or a temporary one at a flagship store. Our wide range of products include the Holographic Display, Transparent Display and Levitation Display and more.
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Key Features

  • High Quality Display (1920×1080)
  • Improved transmittance (10.2%)
  • 24/7 reliable display panel
  • 24/7 reliable display panel
  • High Performance & Cost-effective
  • Multimedia player based

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