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Video Content: Virtual and Augmented Reality, Holograms and Animations.

Virtual Reality & Video Content To Bring Life To Your Products

In the ever-evolving digital age, people have become adapted to seeing digital communication in various forms during all walks of their lives. At the mall, at a tradeshow, exhibits, and more such places, people come across and consume hundreds of advertisements in a single day. This is why Virtual On has developed a unique way to create videos and supplement them with our attractive displays to provide a new interesting form of digital communication where the content of the video and the physical product are shown together to create an interactive, and a multimedia-rich experience for the audience. The videos are eye-catchy, thus the consumer stays hooked to it, and the product is shown in reality along with the video after some time.

When it comes to creating videos, the qualified and creative department of Virtual On is able to do almost anything to make the creation a memorable one. Whether it is a simple task like creating a short animated video of the logo, or a complex storytelling video, there is nothing that our creative team couldn’t do. We could provide animation or video in both 2D and 3D.

What You Need To Do?

You will simply need to provide the design brief to our team, with your requirements, along with the details that need to be inserted into the video. Our team will start working with these details to create the most compelling video that would be consumed by the targeted audience.


We work with the best in the industry interactive hardware:

  • Oculus Rift DK2
  • VR 3D Glasses For Smartphones
  • Kinect
  • Leap Motion

Holograms & Animations

close view 270 Holographic Display

From small holographic devices to large-scale projections, holograms are designed specifically for the media on which they will be seen and for the environment in which is located.

To get the WOW effect  it required creativity and the “now how” that means to help you get the best that this kind of illusion can give. Both reflection and projection, we have the best solution for small product presentations or persons, there are no limits!

About Virtual On

Virtual On is a leading audio-visual technology expert that revives any event, product launch, exhibit, display, and more with the best in display and sound technology to give you an edge over your competitors and provide the consumers with a memorable experience. Our wide range of products includes Holographic Display, Window Speakers, Levitation Display & Mirage Totem.

Key features

  • Multi platform – Applications for VR headsets. Tablet or PCs, Android/Os/Windows, Web apps, animated movies.
  • Analitics – Detailed statistics of application usage.
  • Customization – Create fully customized solutions for different fields.
  • Cloud-based – Centralized and automatic update of content on many devices.
  • Total immersion – Increase customer satisfaction and engagement in unique way.
  • Hyperrealism – Highest level of photo realism in virtual reality.

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