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Virtual Reality & 360 Video Production

360-and-virtual-realityVirtual On specializes in high quality 360 Virtual Reality video content that are tailored for the needs of the customers, in order to demonstrate the projects and products in an attractive and unique way.
This type of content is being used increasingly not only for video games but also for product presentations or to give a unique and immersive experience to fully engage customers or visitors.

The VR or 360 video content can be viewed using VR glasses such as Oculus Rift for heavy and complex content or Samsung GearVR, Google Cardboard in which you simply insert a mobile phone and they can instantly access not only to content but to visualize directly without cables or external processors. Also across can be view across multiple digital platforms such as smartphones, tablets, your website and social media channels.

Virtual Reality is quickly grabbing the attention of a multitude of industries who are founding the potential of this cutting edge technology.

So, why use 360 VR to promote your business?

  • Retail Experience – Bring your retail website to life with a 360° online presentation of your store.
  • Hospitality – Allows people to experience and sample the atmosphere of the lobby, bars, restaurants, pool, conference facilities and bedrooms.
  • Real Estate – Give prospective buyers a first hand, immersive 360 VR experience of your listed properties or architectural projects.
  • Weddings and Events – You always are be able to travel back in time, to be immersed in the middle of your wedding or event.
  • Travel & Tourism – Gives your clients a virtual taste of your destinations.
  • Venue Promotion– Use it in trade events, an Immersive VR experience of your venue will put you ahead of your competition.
  • Healthcare – Virtual Reality creates a safe environment for the healthcare professionals to practice and learn new skills as well as improve the existing ones.
  • Automotive – Create a 360 Virtual test drive with Automotive VR putting your customer’s right in the driving seat without leaving the showroom.
  • Training & Education – Use Immersive VR in a multitude of scenarios from classroom environments to staff training.

Key features

  • Multi platform – Applications for VR headsets. Tablet or PCs, Android/Os/Windows, Web apps, animated movies.
  • Analitics – Detailed statistics of application usage.
  • Customization – Create fully customized solutions for different fields.
  • Cloud-based – Centralized and automatic update of content on many devices.
  • Total immersion – Increase customer satisfaction and engagement in unique way.
  • Hyperrealism – Highest level of photo realism in virtual reality.

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About Virtual On

Virtual On is a leading audio-visual technology expert that revives any event, product launch, exhibit, display, and more with the best in display and sound technology to give you an edge over your competitors and provide the consumers with a memorable experience. Our wide range of products includes Holographic Display, Window Speakers, Levitation Display & Mirage Totem.